Company Profile

CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Group)  is a science and innovation oriented industrial group.Now,it is headquartered in Beijing, with its management office in Shanghai. 

In line with the global trend of economic development, the Group adheres to the philosophy of Reach the breadth and greatness,penetrate the refined and subtle to the end, the Group sticks to the ideas of sustainable development, and optimizes the structure and overall-layout around three business sectors covering industrial operation, industrial investment and asset management. Thanks to pragmatic progress of years, the industry has got involved in a variety of industries including automotive manufacturing and the industrial chain of commerce and trade,high-end precision manufacturing, general aviation, consumer services, real estate of commerce and tourism and pan-asset management, with a number of domestic and overseas listed companies and more than 60 share-holding and share-participating companies, created more than 15,000 job opportunities.

Looking into the future, the Group will keep pace with the development of the times, get hold of important development opportunities, further optimize asset structure, focus on strengthening industry, promote history and culture, execute social responsibility, actively explore new paths for enterprise development, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Enterprise Philosophy

Reach the breadth and greatness and penetrate the refined and subtle to the end

Look up at the starry sky, cherish the universe; be down-to-earth and pay attention to details.

Enterprise Honor

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