Automobile Culture Town of Wenling

Automobile Culture Town of Wenling (affiliated City of Taizhou) is located in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, the first phase of which covers an area of 19,732 square meters. There are three buildings in total, with general overall floorage of 30,384.7 square meters. It is planned that there will be clusters of 4S stores settled in the town, and currently a lot of brands such as Hongqi, Volvo, Dongfeng Nissan etc. have stationed there; therefore, the town is going to become a complex integrating passenger vehicles trading, logistics demonstration and experience as well as automobile culture. By stressing the design philosophy of the environmental care for the human being and the combination of human being with the environment, the project architectural style is simple and generous, fully reflecting the homogeneity, uniqueness, coordination and sense of the times and enriching the regional urban space.