BAA: Extend All-round Service to Build Effective and Seamless Travel mode

source:China Daliy

On August 23, King Leader Cup Golf Invitational Tournament 2019, sponsored by King Leader Club and co-organized by BAA, its parent company, was successfully held in Bayhood No. 9 Club, Beijing, and this was the first large-scale event held by King Leader Club since its establishment.

As one of the largest and most influential corporate aircraft operators in Asian-Pacific region, BAA has specialized in providing high-level core business of aircraft management since its establishment in 2007; at the same time, it has also developed related services such as chartered airplane, high-end tourism, aircraft trading and consultation and so on.

To further satisfy the needs of customers, improve the service quality and promote the service diversification, BAA established King Leader Club and held opening ceremony in the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2019.

“Nowadays, corporate aircraft is more frequently defined as a travel mode, but as the time goes by, people are re-defining the travel mode of corporate aircraft. With the current economic development, the travel mode of corporate aircraft has become a rigid demand of commercial affairs. Although it isn’t popularized, there will be more demands in the future.” said Chen Zhuping, Chairman of BAA, when he accepted the interview.

Extend all-round services by adopting a two-pronged approach

Several awards were set up in the event, such as Hole in One, Gross, Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, Net (gold medal winner, silver medal winner and bronze medal winner) etc. Through the intense competition in the afternoon, all the golf players gave full play to their skills to their heart's content. King Leader Club specially provided club experience cards of limited edition worth 200,000 yuan to the event.

Chen Zhuping, Chairman of BAA, attended the event. When he accepted the interviewed, he pointed out that, BAA is led by a senior and most experienced elite team of business aviation in Asia, they are not only the pioneer in the domain of business aviation in China, but also the promotor of the flourishing market of business aviation. Based on 12 years of safe flight and guarantees, with corporate aircraft trusteeship as core business, BAA actively formulates and adopts the strategy of service extension and established King Leader Club which is specialized in chartered airplane and other extended services. It committes itself to providing all-round service to the moneyed elites of all social circles for their high-quality life, and its businesses includes but not limited to business trip, golf, high-end tourism, private medical treatment and education, luxury car , watches and vintage wines, art works authentication and even assets management and other private, high-end and exclusive services for members.

Li Bokai, Operation Head of King Leader Club, said, “since its establishment, King Leader had been adhering to the goal of providing best service quality to customers at the best price. To make sure that the customers have better experiences in aspect of airplane chartering, King Leader is dedicated itself to providing professional, exclusive and special services. As elites of King Leader, we striven to deepen the one -stop butler services provided to the customers. Besides, King Leader is implementing in-depth strategic cooperation with some of world-renowned aircraft manufacturers. In the future, King Leader will let customers to have all-around understanding of corporate aircraft so that everyone will know that, corporate aircraft is an efficient travel mode rather than an article of luxury.” We provide service with all our heart to your satisfaction. “As wholly-owned subsidiary of BAA, King Leader representes BAA's future layout of industrial ecology. Our Service Tenet is to provide high-quality service to every customer and guarantee cozy flight experience and relaxed lifestyle. The service tenet of BAA is Exclusiveness and Professionalism. BAA is committed to providing high quality custody service to every customer, so we will provide most exclusive, special and professional services in these two service domains.”, said Li Bokai.


Safe and efficient through customization.

“BAA is a corporate aircraft company established quite early. After going through rapid development period and stable development period, it has gained a new normal: instead of simply seeking for the scale of fleet, it attaches more importance to the all-round butler service quality. We will make sure that, every customer enjoys high-quality service during each trip, which becomes the goal that we are striving for at present and in the future.”, said Chen Zhuping.

It is reported that, aircraft management is the core business of BAA. Currently, trusteeship is managing more than 60 airplanes, covering almost all the main airplane models; BAA has 12 operation bases in China, and when customer’s airplane lands any operation base of BAA, the local staff will provide thoughtful care to the airplane. Air safety is always the primary task of BAA. To ensure the absolute security of each flight, BAA possesses a strict system of pilot selection and evaluation; BAA attaches great value to the stability of aircrew and every airplane is staffed by relatively unchanged pilot and stewards, and the pilots that it hires possesse rich flight experience and good piloting skills. All the stewards have rich experience in serving customers in corporate aircraft and first-class cabin of civil aviation; the excellent repair and maintenance team of BAA is comprised of more than 100 aircraft maintenance engineers who are well-experienced in handling corporate aircraft and civil aviation airliners. Besides routine repair and maintenance, the company also has a rapid response team which is always ready to provide repair service. It can come up with the most efficient and effective troubleshooting solutions within the shortest time to solve the airplane failure or AOG problems. With efficient and high-quality service, BAA is recognized by the majority of customers. In 2019, BAA retaines the title of Most Popular Corporate Aircraft Operator and remaines as the leading corporate aircraft operator in China.

“Besides core custody business, to meet customer demands, we also develope other businesses in the domains such as chartered airplane, maintenance business, ground service and other high-end services; also, some of new businesses are emerging, and King Leader Club is a brand which is established to satisfy customer's demands.”, stressed Chen Zhuping.

It is known that, in terms of safe flight, BAA’s IT team specially developes AOC operation system to improve the core competitiveness of BAA. Through AOC operation system, the ground facility can grasp the dynamic state of airplane in real-time, realize multi-channel dialog between the ground facility and the airplane and obtain real-time feedback to improve flight safety and reliability. Moreover, BAA also designates a 7/24 operating crew responsible for monitoring the entire AOC system to ensure safety and efficiency of each flight. In terms of market, to improve the service quality and obtain feedback from the customer as soon as possible, BAA sets up a powerful market team and a customer service team. By providing dedicated market and customer service, BAA strives to make sure that it will provide customers with perfect services.

Moreover, Chen Zhuping added, “BAA’s lines of flight cover the whole world, and BAA performes real time monitoring of ground guarantee resources in the world during each flight to ensure high-quality service being provided in the extended range operations.”

The greatest truths are the simplest and we shall be steadfast in our work. In the future, besides handling the main businesses of the company, BAA will assist King Leader Club with diversified services provided to high-end members. Based on the corporate aircraft chartering businesses, it will integrate resources such as tourism, golf, hotels and medical treatment etc. to provide customers with all-around and one -stop experience of rights and interests for members and make sure that customers enjoy a fashionable, sincere, efficient, perfect and high-end experiences through King Leader Club.