CCI Holdings Donated One Million Yuan to Taizhou for Prevention and Control of the Epidemic, and Taizhou Charity Federation started Special Contribution Solicitation

source:Taizhou Daily

Yesterday (Jan. 28), according to an interview with Taizhou Charity Federation, CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. donated One Million Yuan to Taizhou Taizhou Charity Federation for the purpose of prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the infection of novel coronavirus in Taizhou. This was the first large-sum donation they had ever received since Taizhou Charity Federation initiated the special activity soliciting contribution for prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the infection of novel coronavirus. 

It is known that, CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. Is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented industrial group headquartered in Beijing, with its management headquarters located in Shanghai. The company’s businesses include automobile manufacturing and commerce and trade industrial chain,  high-end precision manufacturing, navigation industry, consumption services, business travel property and pan-assets management etc. It has possessed a number of listed companies at home and abroad and more than 60 holding companies and joint -stock companies. In Taizhou, CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. has business layout in automobile commerce and trade, automobile industrial park and so on.


When expanding its business layout, CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. gives back to the society, and it has participated in public benefit activities such as donating maintenance and repair materials to the Imperial Palace and running schools for public benefit and so on. After knowing the epidemic situation of pneumonia caused by the infection of novel coronavirus in Taizhou, CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. stepped forward bravely and denoted One Million Yuan.

As an enterprise which has been concerned with and participating in the development of Taizhou, we keep Taizhou people and their safety and health in heart and constantly pay attention to the progress of epidemic situation and its prevention and control; at the same time, we also have the responsibility to shoulder the social responsibility with practical action, and together with Taizhou people, we should unite in a concerted effort to fight against the epidemic and weather the hard times, to win the battle on a battleground without smoke of gunpowder, help Taizhou people to resume their life and production.said Xuanlin Chen, Chairman of CCI Holdings Co., Ltd.,. 

Faced with the great challenge posed by the epidemic, besides CCI Holdings Co., Ltd., there are other responsible enterprises. Zhang Weiqin, full-time Vice-chairman of Taizhou Charity Federation, told the reporter that, besides One Million Yuan donated by CCI Holdings Co., Ltd., till 3:00 pm yesterday, charity federations at different levels in Taizhou had received 4,600,500 yuan, 10,350 masks and 300 goggles.

All the donations that Taizhou Charity Federation had received would be used to battle the epidemic of pneumonia caused by the infection of novel coronavirus in Taizhou . Moreover, they also provided channels for the convenience of good-hearted people from all sectors of society who hoped to make donations.