In Lantern Festival, People in the Wonderful Land of China Fight against the Epidemic

source:CCI Holdings News

Ode to the Lantern Festival

 Jiang Baishi, Song Dynasty

A noble man in a sedan chair beholds the crowd on the street,

Vendors rush forward, peddling their goods in front of the noble man,

Too many vendors stand in the way of sedan chair,

They won’t leave if the noble man doesn't buy their goods.


Sweet Soup Balls

The bowl of sweet soup balls made by mom

Feels warmly in my hands

Sticky and sweet

Comforts every taste bud of the tongue

In the warm home,

Family reunites

On the bustle and hustle streets

Vendors are peddling their goods, that is,

The real symbol of a prosperous China

We believe, everything will be fine. 


Xi Liangji

Bai Juyi, Tang Dynasty

How does Xi Liangji look like?

The disguised barbarian plays with a disguised lion.

Woodcut lion head, silk tail, gilded eyes and silver-plated teeth.

Lion Dance

Before every spring comes,

We have to go through soul-stirring hardships

We have to stay as brave and powerful as lion

To drive out evil spirits and keep people safe

Everyone of us is a brave warrior in the battle

With high morale, we strengthen our conviction

Epidemic is a vicious demon

We can’t let the demon hide in the corners


the Lantern Festival

Xin Qiji, Song Dynasty 

Moth hairpins, snowy willows and gold filigrees

Giggling and chattering away, a faint scent trailing.

In the crowd, I looked for her a thousand times;

Around I turned, And there she was, Where the light was low and dim

Appreciate the Festive Lantern

The burning light

Dispels the dullness and coldness of the long winter

To embrace hope and warmth of the new year

The person you want to meet

The home you are protecting

Look back

In the dim light

We help one another in defense work

As unity is strength

We join hands to face the challenges


Lantern Festival

It is the beginning and the origin of the year.

It is about love and reunion

Tonight, let’s pray that the epidemic will be ultimately defeated

At that time,

Everything comes back to life and we start once again

At that time,

When the family reunite, we embrace everyone we love

At that time,

In the moonlight, numerous lanterns light up the Wuhan City, beautifully decorated carriages are parked everywhere on the avenue

Go, Wuhan!

Go, China!


CCI Holdings wish everyone family reunion and good health in the Lantern Festival