BAA: Build a Leading Aviation Group in China with High-end and High-Quality Service

source:ifeng finance

Under the influence of the epidemic of Covid-19, the corporate aircraft market that has encountered adverse condition now sees new development opportunity. According to the statistics of iFlyPlus, a private aircraft platform, an increase by three-digit number has been achieved at the flight hours of corporate aircraft in the first quarter of 2020. Chen Zhuping, President of Business Aviation Asia Limited (BAA), said that, the business flights from China to other destinations in the world has increased by 39.2% on a year-on-year basis; especially, the demand for charter is rising significantly. As for the general development trend and prospect of corporate aircraft, BAA stays rational and prudent in its layout.

As a business aviation operator that boasts 12 years of operational experience, the most complete business types and operation qualifications, the largest fleet, the most extensive operation scope and the most comprehensive base configuration and the pioneer that adopts the mode of Internet + Corporate Aircraft in the Greater China, it possess rich operational experience and resources superiority. BAA is the one and only aircraft escrow company which holds CAAC, FAA, CAACI and Aruba operation permits as well as the certificate for passing IS-BAO StageⅡ audit (an international standard for corporate aircraft operation), and it has passed ARGUS platinum certification for international corporate aircraft operation for consecutive years.

President Chen Zhuping said that, due to the factors such as economic downturn etc., the competition in Chinese market of corporate aircraft remains white-hot, and the corporate aircraft operation is becoming more and more refined. At the beginning of 2019, CCI Holdings acquired BAA, and by sticking to the strategic layout featuring concentration on the corporate aircraft escrow and providing whole set of high-end and high quality services, it accelerated the development of BAA from five aspects: first, it strengthened the company foundation, and promoted the security control; second, it kept pace closely with the market trend, and realized synergetic development of multiple businesses; third, through self-renewal, it continuously improved the service quality; fourth, it sought for deepen cooperation, reciprocal benefit and win-win situation; fifth, it emphasized information construction and develop technology by introducing new driving force.

It is reported that, to further satisfy the needs of customers, improve the service quality and promote the service diversification, BAA founded King Leader Club, a subsidiary brand, and inaugurated it at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) in 2019. King Leader Club is engaged in three major commercial activities, that is, plane charter and lease, high-end tourism, aircraft trading and consultation, and it is committed to providing professional, exclusive, special and diversified services. After one year of management and operation, BAA and King Leader Club won the Hurun Report Prize at the beginning of this year and received recognition from several high-net-worth individuals.

In 2019, BAA, Global Jet International, Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Qianmi Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands in three aspects, that is, overseas layout and strategies, finance and Internet +, respectively to enhance the quality industrial form and promote the in-depth integrated development. BAA actively participated in the development of industry rules, the infrastructure construction for navigation, the industry resources integration and the platform establishment for navigation services etc. with an aim to promote the healthy development of business aviation industry in China.

The market size expansion of corporate aircraft caused by the epidemic is temporary. Faced with the new situation in the future, how to respond to new challenge and grasp the new opportunity?

Chairman Chen Zhuping said that, BAA used to be only focused on the business of corporate aircraft escrow, and now, based on the corporate aircraft escrow, it has become an integrated service operator of business aviation with its businesses covering chartered airplane, ground agents, aircraft repair and maintenance as well as transaction in aircraft assets and other upstream and downstream industrial chain products and services. BAA will keep on acquiring progress in operation pattern, management ability and market reputation, explore development space, enhance client confidence and achieve high-quality development.

In addition, CCI Holdings, parent company of BAA, is optimistic about the prospect of aviation industry, and with its increasingly mature operations in BAA, aeronautic vocational and technical colleges, aviation schools and airline services, it has established Shanghai CCI Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd., and explored businesses such as airport construction and operations for corporate aircraft etc. In terms of the layout of aviation industry chains, it has realized synergy with BAA and adapted itself to the industrial ecology, and it has also given supports to BAA for its long-term strategic development, which will further promote the healthy, stable and sustainable development of BAA.

In the future, BAA will follow the corporate philosophy of serving the owner and taking good care of airplane, abide by the enterprise spirit of advance bravely and unite as one to keep efficiently and constantly consolidate its strength in the main business of aircraft escrow. By virtue of the scale effect realized by big-size fleet operation and its professional operation and management team, with its internal product up-gradation driven by the customer service, it has built an upstream and downstream industrial chain centering around the corporate aircraft operation, gathered the superior resources in the navigation, and gradually build a leading aviation group in China.