Chen Zhuping of CCI Holdings: Concentrate on the Industry and Maintain Sustainable Development to Achieve the Great Goal


“To build a century-old enterprise and keep it evergreen, we should concentrate on the industry and observe the industrial logic. CCI Holdings has been focused on the development in the fields of navigation industry and infrastructure construction, and it makes certain achievements in 2019. The implementation of the industry promotion and upgrade is our work priority in the future.” Chen Zhuping said.

Chen Zhuping, Executive President of CCI Holdings Co., Ltd., is in charge of navigation industry and infrastructure construction departments, and he is also responsible for the post-investment management of the company. He is well experienced in domains such as investment & acquisition, finance and monetary, land planning and so on. 


The starting point and key point of navigation industry. 

Under the background of economic globalization, the geographical limitations of resource distribution can be overcome by the developement of aviation economics so as to accelerate the industry agglomeration of high-end manufacturing and modern service industry etc. and they become a powerful engine that drives the regional economic development. 

CCI Holdings is optimistic about the prospect of aviation industry, and by starting its business with the navigation, it owns Business Aviation Asia Limited, a leading and influential business aviation operator in Asia Pacific. Last year, BAA proposed a strategic layout of concentration on the corporate aircraft escrow and providing whole set of high-end and high quality services and founded King Leader Club, a subsidiary brand. At the same time, in 2019, it was inaugurated at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) in 2019. Moreover, BAA and King Leader Club won the Hurun Report Prize at the beginning of this year and received recognition from several high-net-worth individuals. BAA, Global Jet International, Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Qianmi Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands in three aspects, that is, overseas layout and strategies, finance and Internet +, respectively to enhance the quality industrial form and promote the in-depth integrated development. Now, based on the corporate aircraft escrow, BAA has become an integrated service operator of business aviation with its businesses covering chartered airplane, ground agents, aircraft repair and maintenance as well as transaction in aircraft assets and other upstream and downstream industrial chain products and services.

Chen Zhuping said that, the aviation industry has its own characteristics such as good cash flow, high growth rate, long industrial chain and strict industry barrier and so on. In 2019, CCI Holdings has laid a solid foundation for navigation business. BAA sticks to intensive growth and promotes the internal product upgrade with customer service by giving full play to the scale effect generated by the big fleet operation and the professional team of operation and management. CCI Holdings founded Shanghai CCI Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd. by relying on its excellent subsidiaries such as BAA, Aeronautic Vocational and Technical College, Aviation School and Airline Services etc., while exploring the businesses such as airport construction and operation for corporate aircraft, so as to create favorable conditions for furthering the aviation industry chains and expanding the aviation industry. Next, CCI Holdings will continue to implement extensional expansion so as to cover upstream and downstream industrial chains such as FBO, MRO and airplane manufacturing etc., or further build up its strength in the aviation industry through asset securitization, merger and acquisition of leading enterprise and so on. In the future, CCI Holdings hopes to turn the aviation industry into one of key pillar industries of the group.


Infrastructure construction is started by taking steady steps 

In 2019, CCI Holdings founded Shanghai CCI Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd. and made a good beginning. As an investor, CCI Holdings won the bidding of North Extension Project of Tianfu avenue in Sichuan Province for a bid price of 13.3 billion RMB. When it is completed, it will become world's longest urban central axis.

In 2020, under the background of the epidemic and the economic slowdown, new infrastructure has become a hot topic, and people are placing great expectations on it hoping that it will release the economic growth potential in China. CCI Holdings enters the industry of infrastructure construction before such a time point, and it implements the strategic layout of new infrastructure, so it seems to have seized a good opportunity.

Chen Zhuping said that, currently, the infrastructure construction across the country is quite unbalanced, as the urbanization rate is no more than 60.6%, which falls behind the average levels of developed countries (80%). A lot of infrastructure constructions are needed in the projects such as Greater Bay strategy, the Integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the Chengyu Urban Agglomeration and Western Land-sea Path. As the gradual opening of infrastructure market, the strength of private capital can not be underestimated. In addition, the reason CCI Holdings engages in new infrastructure is that it will create enormous development space by integrating new infrastructure with traditional infrastructure for co-construction and sharing, and it needs to be explored as to how to grasp the business opportunity.

“CCI Holdings will be focused on the infrastructure construction for a long time. To make sure that the infrastructure business develops with a steady pace, we should build up our strength. We will gradually improve the investment pattern to display the project level, enhance investment & acquisition and expand the industrial coverage, recruit professionals and talents for the investment projects so as to further perfect the industrial chain and explore more financing sources.” Chen Zhuping added.

In the post-epidemic era, when asked how to identify opportunities from the aviation and infrastructure industry in the crisis and how to grasp the best opportunity of industry transformation and upgrading? Chen Zhuping replied: “CCI Holdings adapts itself to the development of the times, grasps investment opportunity, keeps on adjusting itself, concentrates on the industry through solid works and maintains sustainable development to achieve the great goal.” As for the future of CCI Holdings, we have a long-held belief, that is, we are always on the way to a greater company; we take one step at a time, but we never stop moving on, as we are going to build an enterprise that will last for centuries.