Chen Xuanlin of CCI Holdings: Dare to Bring forth New Ideas and Advance with the Times


In 2018, CCI Holdings Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter to be referred as CCI Holdings) became one of shareholders of Shang Gong Group.

In 2019, CCI Infrastructure Construction won the bidding of North Extension Project of Tianfu avenue, one of the major projects in Sichuan Provinc; In January, CCI Holdings entered the aviation industry, and its subsidiary Business Aviation Asia Limited (BAA) is an influential Business Aviation operator that leads the Asian-Pacific region; in November, the pure electric bus developed by Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile Co., Ltd., one of subsidiaries of CCI Holdings, became one of new energy buses that Cairo has introduced from the overseas market for the first time. 

In January 2020, CCI Holdings Signed a Bank-enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Industrial Bank 

In recent years, CCI Holdings had built a long-term layout of investments in different sectors, and from concentrating on specific industries to realizing multi-industry development, it went ahead steadily and surely and made every strategic investment sound and accurate, so it rose rapidly. Now, the company businesses include automobile manufacturing and commerce and trade industrial chain, high-end precision manufacturing, consumption services, global business travel property and pan-asset management etc. We have possessed a number of listed companies at home and abroad and more than 60 holding companies and joint -stock companies. 

Currently, China is transitioning from a manufacturing country to the manufacturing power, and “Made in China 2025” specifically listed high-end equipment innovation program as one of five major projects. CCI Holdings would grasp the opportunity and put emphasis on the high-end manufacturing as its one of its main development direction in the future, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, spare no effort to build a industrial group oriented at the scientific and technological innovation, and fully interpret the profound meaning of reaching for the breadth and greatness of possibility while embracing the exquisite and minute details through our down-to-earth work.  

In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, CCI Holdings actively took social responsibility and made donations to Charity Federation of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, immediately. Now, CCI Holdings is resuming some of its work orderly. We believe that, both the orderly proceeding resumption of work and production and the future innovative development of the group will be like what Chairman Chen Xuanlin said, “we are well-prepared!’


The following is the dialog between Forbes China and Mr. Chen Xuanlin:

Forbes China: According to “Made in China 2025”, China is transitioning from a big manufacture country to a manufacturing power. CCI Holdings has been engaged in the manufacturing industry, and from your point of view, how to transform and upgrade the industry?

Chen Xuanlin:In the past a few years, CCI Holdings had made great-leap-forward development for many times, and our businesses have achieved profound development in the two industries, that is, automobile manufacturing and High-end precision manufacturing. Last year, Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile, a subsidiary of CCI Holdings, has made excellent achievement. Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile designed and developed 16 models of new energy buses. Pure electric smart city bus with low floor (SXC6106GBEV), has become a sensational product which sets precedents for new technology in China. In November, a brand-new generation of pure electric bus developed by Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile began pilot operations in Cairo, Egypt and two green tourism cities in Egypt. It is one of earliest new energy buses that Cairo has introduced from the overseas market. In December, the pure electric bus appeared on the stage of the 23rd Egyptian Electronic Technology Exhibition and the 2nd Middle East Electronic Smart Transportation Exhibition. The delegation led by President Al-Sisi of Egypt visited the site and highly appreciated the products. Next, the high-end manufacturing will become the main direction of development of CCI Holdings, and we will strengthen the planning & consolidation, enhance the investment control, and concentrate on the development through segmentation so as to transform the resources superiority into the industrial strength, tap the potentials of upstream and downstream industrial chains to the full and obtain strategic space for the new round of development of CCI Holdings.

Forbes China: In the new era of digital economy, in your point of view, how does the enterprise engaged in the manufacturing industry adapt itself to the new era?

Chen Xuanlin: we can take the automobile manufacturing for example. The technical innovations are taking place in the automobile industry, especially, those new techniques such as new energy, intelligent network, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing etc. are accelerating the general transformation and upgrading of the industry. At the same time, in the constantly changing market, we should have the courage to bring forth new ideas, advance with the times and meet the market demand. Last year, after one month of road trial by Environmental Sanitation Companies in Shanghai, Small Electric Sweeping Vehicle produced by Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile (a subsidiary of CCI Holdings) under the brand name of Xiangpai passed on-trail technology assessment by Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administrative Bureau. The experts believe that the small sweeping vehicles have four major advantages: (1) with configuration of high performance batteries and low energy consumption technology, the long-time operation can be realized; (2)special chassis developed through forward design, and the effect that used to be achieved by a 3-ton oil-fueled sweeping vehicle is now realized by the vehicle with smaller vehicle body; (3) with the operable parts and structure, the new model can handle all kinds of road sweeping tasks, and meets the demands for refined clean-keeping on urban road in Shanghai; (4), the operation energy consumption and maintenance expenses of finished automobile can be realized through functions such as the integrated electronic control on entire vehicle and the cruise control and so on. This is the first small electric sweeping vehicle which is especially developed for road sweeping in China. As a local commercial vehicle enterprise in Shanghai, Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile takes the lead in developing the new energy sanitation vehicle and made contribution to Blue Sky Protection Campaign in Shanghai. To put it another way, with the innovation driven development and the industrial transformation and upgrading, we have well prepared!

Forbes China: CCI Holdings has been working with Shang Gong Group for more than one year, and what kind of innovative development do you made during the period? How will you work with other in the future?

Chen Xuanlin: In 2019, Shang Gong Group celebrated the centennial of the establishment of Butterfly, a time-honored brand in Shanghai; its international famous brands (such as Durkopp Adler, Pfaff, KSL, Baisile, Mauser, Shang Gong, SGGEMSY and Shang Gong Richpeace, etc.) stroke a pose at CISMA, the world's largest expo of professional sewing equipment; three major brands, that is, Durkopp Adler, PFAFF and KSL, displayed a series of knock-out automotive products at the second session of China International Import Expo, and this long-established corporation in Shanghai has been vigorously cultivating sustainable development.

In the future, CCI Holdings with join hands with Shang Gong Group and continue to give full play to the advantages in aspects of merger and acquisition as well as integration capability, constantly promote the development strategy of globalization, expand business in the domain of the technological equipment made of rigid materials and high-grade, high-precision, advanced technology and build up the brand influence of Shang Gong Group.


Forbes China: transportation, energy and hydraulic engineering and other major projects represent the main direction of current infrastructure investment, and at the same time, the proportion of investments in the new infrastructure such as 5G, Industrial Internet and smart city etc. are displaying a rising trend. Last year, as the investor, CCI Infrastructure Construction won the bidding of North Extension project of Tianfu avenue, one of major projects in Sichuan Province. So, is CCI Holdings optimistic about the new infrastructure?

Chen Xuanlin: as the investor, CCI Holdings won the bidding of North Extension Project of Tianfu avenue in Sichuan Province for a bid price of 13.3 billion RMB. Now, all major institutions have been quite optimistic about the New Infrastructure, and they expect that the substantial input into the new infrastructure will help increase China's potential in economic growth in the post-epidemic era. CCI Holdings believes that, currently, China is implementing proactive fiscal policy to overcome the shortcoming in aspects of the construction for people's livelihood and the new infrastructure, lowers the funding requirements of the project and expands the scale of the government’s special bond; the major projects initiated, such as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the Chengyu Urban Agglomeration and Western Land-sea Path, need large scale infrastructure. We will play attention to them and seek further business opportunities.

Forbes China: In 2019, the navigation has become one of emphasis of CCI Holdings in the section of the industry operation. How do you think about the prospect and future trend of the aviation industry?

Chen Xuanlin: As Chinese society continues to transition to a consumption-based lifestyle, more and more people travel for private purposes and frequently engage in business activities, which brings more development possibilities to the aviation industry and related services; therefore, we are quite optimistic and confident about the prospect of the aviation industry. Currently, CCI Holdings owns Business Aviation Asia Limited, a leading and influential business aviation operator in Asia Pacific. Based in the Greater China Region, BAA thinks globally, and it gains industrial superiority through continuous and stable operation in the business of aviation. To further satisfy the needs of customers, improve the service quality and promote the service diversification, CCI Holdings founded King Leader Club, a subsidiary brand of BAA, and inaugurated it at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) in 2019. After one year of management and operation, BAA and King Leader Club received recognition from several high-net-worth individuals. Based on this, we founded Shanghai CCI Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd. By relying on its excellent subsidiaries such as BAA, Aeronautic Vocational and Technical College, Aviation School and Airline Services etc.,we established Shanghai CCI Aviation Industry Development Co.,Ltd. while exploring the businesses such as airport construction and operation for corporate aircraft, so as to create favorable conditions for furthering the aviation industry chains and expanding the aviation industry.

Forbes China: the current epidemic of Covid-19 has exerted extensive influence, and CCI Holdings immediately made donation. How about the operational status of the group?

Chen Xuanlin: In the beginning of 2020, the epidemic of Covid-19 became quite severe. There was no shirking the responsibility for enterprises to fight against the epidemic. Without delay, we donated to Charity Federation of Taizhou in Zhejiang Province; in addition, its subsidiary BAA purchased medical masks and infrared thermometers from the overseas market and donated them to the Red Cross Society of Qingpu, Shanghai, Shanghai Charity Foundation, Shanghai Yangjing Community Foundation, and The Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, in succession. Furthermore, BAA rapidly distributed the materials to units which were badly in need of masks such as Shanghai communities, nursing homes and medical institutions through the above institutions.

North Extension of Tianfu avenue in Sichuan Province, Southeast Automobile Town of Zhejiang, Taizhou New Energy Industrial Park of Wanxiang Vehicles (investments of CCI Holdings) resumed their work in February, and other industries are also gradually resuming their work and production. We made sure that the substantial results are achieved in the prevention and control of the epidemic before we proceed with the resumption of work and production by the group orderly, and we also constantly identified new opportunity, explores new domain and realized new values.

Forbes China: can you briefly talk about the development direction and strategic layout of the group in future?

Chen Xuanlin: In 2019, we established Shanghai CCI Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd., and we made a good beginning by win the bidding of North Extension Project of Tianfu avenue in Sichuan Province. In the future, CCI Holdings will continue to focus on the automobile manufacturing & commerce and trade industrial chain, the high-end precision manufacturing, the aviation industry and the industry operation of new infrastructure construction with the aid of industrial investment and assets management. It will develop its ability of recognizing the whole through observation of the part through down-to-earth work, actively explore new paths for the enterprise development, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and made greater contributions to the society for creation of greater values. 

Quote from Vol. Mar. and Apr. 2020, Forbes (Chinese version)

Translated by CCI Holdings