Delegation led by Li Chong, Deputy Mayor of Zhuhai City, Visited CCI Holdings for Investigation and Exchange

source:CCI Holdings News

On the afternoon of July 05, 2021, Li Chong, Deputy Mayor of Zhuhai City, Zhao Shijian, Vice Secretary General, and principals of relevant departments such as Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Investment Promotion Center etc. visited CCI Holdings for investigation and exchange. Zhou Kexuan, Co-President of CCI Holdings, Zhao Xueting, Executive President, Lv Jun and Gu Min, Vice presidents et al. received them and held a meeting.


Zhou Kexuan explained the development status of core businesses of CCI Holdings, with emphasis on the technology, product, management team and the layout and planning of industrial chain in the domain of opto-electronics. Zhao Xueting gave suggestions on and reported the progress of current cooperative projects between CCI Holdings and Zhuhai City. 

Both parties exchanged ideas as to giving full play to the policy advantage of Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City, and the industrial strength of CCI Holdings, and to further promotion of all-round cooperation with related industrial projects as a carrier.