Delegation led by Guan Wenxin, Deputy Mayor of Taizhou City, Visited CCI Holdings Discussing Project Investment

source:CCI Holdings News

On the morning of July 9, 2021, Guan Wenxin, Deputy Mayor of Taizhou City, Director of Management Committee of Taizhou Bay New District, Lin Fujiang, Deputy Head of Management Committee of Taizhou Bay New District and related persons from Investment Promotion Bureau and Investment Promotion Center etc. visited CCI Holdings. Chen Xuanlin, Chairman of CCI Holdings, Zhou Kexuan, Co-President, and Lv Jun, Vice President, etc. received the delegation and held meeting. 


Zhou Kexuan described the current status and development layout of CCI Holdings with emphasis on the industrial chains of opto-electronics. Chairman Chen Xuanlin said that, CCI Holdings has close relationship with Taizhou, and great achievement has been made through cooperation. In the future, with industrial project as carrier, CCI Holdings would seek more investment and development opportunity at Taizhou. 

Deputy mayor Guan Wenxin appreciated the contribution that CCI Holdings had made to the industrial and economic development of Taizhou for many years, and he hoped that CCI Holdings would give support to the development automobile and parts, photoelectricity and other industrial clusters worth hundred billion yuan at Taizhou by combining its own strategic layout.