CCI Holdings · Interview with Senior Executive /Dialogue with Cao Li, Vice President of CCI Holdings

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Dare to challenge, find and seize the opportunity amid tides. 

Being gentle, firm and tenacious, she builds teamwork spirit of dedicating themselves to work. 

In the current CCI Holdings ·Interview with Senior Executive, we are going to talk with Cao Li, Vice President of CCI Holdings, about her persistence, perseverance, struggling and charisma as a female senior executive.


She grows her strength with CCI Holdings



Cao Li takes the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CCI Holdings. Since she joined CCI Holdings, she has played an exemplary role, earnestly practiced what she advocated, and led the financial team supporting the implementation of all kinds of business of the group during the past year, and she was widely praised. The dialogue with Vice President Cao Li started with works.


Q: What is the difference between your job duties at CCI Holdings and your past professional history? How to adapt yourself to the new environment in a short period of time? 

A: Compared to my past professional history, as to my current job duties, in addition to the regular financial works, more focus has been put on the building and perfection of group management and control, sorting and regulation of group shareholding structure and institutional framework at different levels and sections, and my job duties also include taking the lead to build group authorization system, supporting investment promotion and external financing at different sections, and performing integral analysis of operating and financial condition for the group subsidiaries. 

From accounting firm to real estate group, and to the vice president of industrial group, it seems that my roles in the company have changed a lot, but with 20 years of professional experiences, and efficient communication and coordination skills, I can adapt myself to the new role in a short period of time. After I joined CCI Holdings, I have actively conducted lateral communication between different departments and promoted longitudinal teamwork between companies of different levels, encouraging collaboration and promoting teamwork spirit, and making sure that all the works proceed orderly by taking down-to-earth effort.  I always keep the faith that, we can’t accomplish ourselves if we don’t learn to help others; we don't find excuses for failures, but find ways to the success.  


Q: Seeing that you and your team work often overtime till late night, I know that you are always busy. How do you adjust your mentality under great pressure? 

A: Because we have just joined CCI Holdings, to sort out and get familiar with the business status of the group at different levels and sections as soon as possible, we have been working quite hard during the past year. For this reason, I would like to thank my team, as they willingly bear the burden of hard works with assiduity, and during the past year, I found that everyone of our team had made improvement and I respected the effort they made, to which I was greatly touched and gratified. Thanks to the great support given by the team, we can still hold positive and optimistic attitude toward the high-intensity work. Moreover, I do believe that, with the constant improvement of group management and control, our work will be more well-organized and efficient, and we can better balance our work and life in the future. To the team, I often say that, we need to stay calm. Although we should struggle and strive for excellence at work, we are supposed to lead a colorful life. We do the best we can, not because we hope that everything would go just as we wish, but to have a clear conscience.   


Q: What methods do you adopt when you lead you team as a female leader? 

A: Probably because women have characteristics such as being firm and tenacious, attentive, approachable and able to understand other people’s feelings, I can have active and effective communication with everyone, and fully promote everyone's working enthusiasm and motivation. As to how to lead the team, I have always adhered to the principle of give people fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. I hope that my team has always the spirit of being aggressive and daring to rise to the challenges. They are not only required to have a good mastery of specialized knowledge of finance, but also improve their skill of integrating business and finance, get familiar with and understand the corporate business, and become inter-disciplinary talents possessing professional knowledge and able to meet the complex needs. As long as you hope to improve yourself and dare to challenge, I believe that your efforts will pay off.


Q: As a female senior executive, I believe that, one of most asked questions is how to balance family work. 

A:Indeed, career women have to face greater pressure in the society and women also bear too much responsibilities and obligations in their family, so it is a great challenge as to how to allocate time and effort to family and work through good time arrangement. However, luckily, my family have given me enough support and understanding. I have been attaching much importance to the cultivation of self-management skills of my daughter, so she has developed good reading and learning habits, and she also has consciousness of time management and strong autonomous ability. Therefore, I can invest more energy in my work. Of course, I will manage to find time and stay with my family on weekends.   


Q: What are your expectations for the future of CCI Holdings? 

A: CCI Holdings adheres to the mission of Industries Enable a Better Life, and the group is determined to become a leading integrated service provider of industrial investment and development in China. By following our established strategic development plan, CCI Holdings is gradually becoming an industrial investment group with specialized focus, large-scale development, and high-tech quality. On the other hand, the rapid development of the company provides substantial development space to the elites of CCI Holdings including me in the long run. I believe that, CCI Holdings will walk steady to reach the distance and get better if it maintains the current trend of rapid development.

I am very grateful to the company and colleagues for their trust, support and recognition. I also hope that in the future, we jointly adhere to the values of reach the breadth and greatness and penetrate the refined and subtle to the end, make the whole into consideration, but do the job bit by bit, adopt style of work by dealing with concrete issues in pursuit of truth, grow together with the company, advance bravely in a more active attitude and create a better tomorrow.


Vice President Cao Li, and other female employees, challenge themselves and chase the dream in their posts, as they have oceans of stars in their eyes and carpet of flowers in their hearts. 

I hope that every elite of CCI Holdings will make down-to-earth effort and take every step seriously. You can go wherever you want to go, even in simple shoes. I hope that you seize the day and live it to the full. Don't be afraid of the long road ahead, but look forward to the future.